D28287: Undo cursor move

Mickael Bosch noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Fri Apr 3 22:07:58 BST 2020

mickaelbo added a comment.

  - "There is already a way to do this on KTextEditor". The existing code seems to update the position stack only after editing a document but I will give it a try, thanks . It is a feature I needed for a long time and according to the Bug 409940, I'm not the only one, I just never took the time to dig into it. The "delete" and "page end" keys are too close on my keyboard...
  BTW, is the KDE Bugtracking System linked to phabricator in any way ? This mailing list is very reactive and I feel like the bug tracker could benefit from this. This discussion is a perfect example,  the bug 409940 received no answer until recently but this review request received very good answers.

  R40 Kate


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