Remove Lumen plugin in favor of LSP Client plugin

Christoph Cullmann christoph at
Sun Sep 22 14:04:58 BST 2019


On 2019-09-17 20:30, Dav1d wrote:
> Hey Dominik,
> Sorry for missing the email.
> Lumen has not been actively developed for a while and I just fixed the
> most critical issues (I think the last thing I did was the Kde5
> changes).
> To make it short, it's a good idea to delete Lumen and replace it with
> a newer and more powerful plugin that is being actively maintained.
> Thanks for including me in the process and of course for taking so
> good care of K*.

Thanks for the feedback!

I hope we can serve the D/Rust/... community well with the new LSP 

Merging now the request to remove the plugins:


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