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Mark Ballard markjballard at googlemail.com
Sat Sep 7 08:30:32 BST 2019

Dear Kate folk

Would you tell me where I should stick scripts when attempting to extend

The section of the Katepart Handbook that concerns extending it, 'Scripting
with JavaScript', instructs the reader to save his first example script in
a folder $XDG_DATA_HOME/katepart5/script/indentation, with $XDG_DATA_HOME
pointing to either ~/.local or ~/.local/share.

But my implementation has no XDG_DATA_HOME and neither a
katepart5/script/indentation or a katepart5/script/ in either ~/.local or

There are four script folders that I can see:


The first two of these each contain nothing but a blank readme.md file. The
last two each contains a libraries folder with a single identical file
called underscore.js.

I do also have a kate folder like the one described in the manual, in my
home directory:


That contains only a session folder.

Would you be kind enough to save me from tangling in knot weeds from the
off, when attempting to adapt your excellent text editor, by telling me
where I should put the example?


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