How to customise a bit default Kate style ...

Kåre Särs kare.sars at
Fri Oct 25 19:49:21 BST 2019


On Wednesday, 23 October 2019 11:50:16 EEST Pawel Piecuch wrote:
> Hello everyone, I am trying to make default kate style a bit more compact
> and limit the margin around items in Tree View:
> I have found in breeze/breeze.h
> (
> <>) a
> parameter that looks quite reasonably for this change:
> ItemView_ItemMarginWidth = 3,
> but any change to this did not help. Anyone could shed some light on this?

I'm using this attached patch for breeze every now and then. I forget to apply 
it quite often when there there is a new update.

So I check out latest breeze and apply this patch and compile and install to 
the system folder. That should do it.


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