Non-incremental search -- is there a way to disable incremental search?

rhkramer at rhkramer at
Thu May 16 13:02:01 BST 2019

I use an older version of kate, and I use it on large documents with many 

(Actually, I use two older versions of kate, but both work the same way with 
respect to search: on Debian Wheezy I use Kate 3.8.4 (using KDE 4.9.4), and on 
Debian Jessie I use Kate 3.14.2 (using KDE 4.14.2).)

Incremental search is a problem for me (I've found an inconvenient workaround, 
but maybe I'm missing something, and, if not, I want to register a wish list / 

The problem is this -- as I type letters into the text box, after the addition 
of each letter, kate jumps to the first target that matches that partially 
typed in string and (usually -- that may be a bug) opens that fold.  

(Aside: The fact that it doesn't always open the fold is the problem that I 
consider a bug, and maybe I'll write again about that -- maybe the problem is 
in a nested fold, or nested beyond a certain depth -- I'll have to pay more 
attention.  To clarify, when search finds my "real" search string, I'd want 
enough of the document to unfold so I see it, if it is a "false hit" during 
the incremental search, any unfolding is an annoyance -- to keep my document 
in the condition I want, I have to refold that area.)

When I'm done with the search (i.e., found the real target), I have a bunch of 
opened folds spread out in my often large document (sometimes approaching 100 

It would be much better if I could disable the incremental search and then 
click find after the entire search string has been entered.

(Actually, looking again at the search UI, it would not have to change -- if 
the incremental search was disabled and search did not occur until I pressed 
Next or Previous that would accomplish my objective -- hmm, I wonder if there 
is a configuration setting that already accomplishes that?)

The workarounds (well, actually there are a couple):

   * What I do: I make sure I'm at a place in the document (the beginning of a 
line starting with at least one word) or with something selected, so when I 
start find, something appears in the search box.  Then I move the cursor to the 
end of whatever is selected, type in my "real" search string, then move to the 
beginning of the target and delete that irrelevant something that initially 
appeared in the text box.  

   * What I could do: type my search string somewhere else (in the document or 
somewhere else) and copy it, and then, when I open the search box, paste in 
the searchstring.

   * (It seems to me (I'm getting old) that I thought of another one as I was 
typing this, but it seems to be gone with the wind.)

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