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  In D19491#424808 <https://phabricator.kde.org/D19491#424808>, @dhaumann wrote:
  > Currently, one cannot 'unset' a value, but I guess that is ok, since we did not have that before
  > In general this approach is OK. Some thoughts on this:
  > - is it as fast as before, if you start Kate with e.g. 100 documents open?
  :=) No idea, for each setting you now dow a hash lookup.
  We could optimize that to use a vector with the enum as index, given we enumerate them from 0...
  But I think we can only judge that after one has converted close to all things.
  > - will this allow easy access through the KTextEditor::Config interface? This is a Document and View extension interface.
  I think we can just add a second key for that to the ConfigEntry specifying its name there
  > - can we allow modification of the config values through a generic KTextEditor::Command? I.e. set <key> <value>? Maybe also reset <key>?
  We can use the same key there and we have with the defaultValue QVariant even the type of the config entry.
  Reset is easy, too, as we just can clear it from the hash (for the local configs), for the global config I don't think it makes sense (we could go to the hard-coded default, thought)
  > - Can we make this accessible through the upcoming variable interface, e.g. as ${CurrentDocument:Config:<key>}?
  Same as above, either extra key or "CamlCase" the key we use for the command-line/kate: var line
  > As you can see, I am trying to push this concept a bit further...
  :=) Yes, and that is clever.
  I think given we now encode each config entry as "data", it should be easy to add all these things.

  R39 KTextEditor


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