pre-built versions of Kate beyond 16.08.00

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Sun Jun 30 23:10:06 BST 2019

Hi everyone. Thanks for providing such a great tool!
I have a few requests/questions about Kate:

1) Would it be possible to put out a pre-built Linux version of Kate that's more recent than Kate 16.08.0-KF5.27? I've asked our sysadmin to build a later version than 16.08.0, but he said that:
"The latest version of Kate requires a KDE 5 subsystem that doesn’t come by default from the RHEL 6 distro that we currently have."
I ask for this because I've seen several segmentation faults occur when running Kate 16.08.0. One of these events occurs (I think) when I have several sessions and I'm switching between Kate sessions. I'm hoping that a later version of Kate resolves this issue. Since Kate 16.08.0 is from 2016, there are probably many improvements and bug fixes that have been added since then to rev 19.x.

2) It looks like awareness of Verilog filetypes isn't working for .vh files in later versions of Kate. (I'm attaching some screen snapshots to show this)
When I look at .vh files in Kate 3.10.2 (from 2005), I see highlighting of various Verilog keywords and constructs.
When I look at the same file in Kate 16.8.0, this highlighting doesn't appear. In this version, .vh files are classified as Hardware-Verilog files.

3) The display of file tabs in Kate is a bit unwieldy. I don't see any way to remove a file from a single view without removing the file from the Kate session (every view). I don't see a way to move a file tab from one view to another view.

4) I'd like to see support for the e programming language (IEEE 1647-2016) added to the list of parsed files for Kate. I think this would be a MIME type, like text/x-verilog-src, as shown in the Configure Kate menu. I can't find a file called "x-verilog-src" in the Kate installed files, but maybe this is a protocol callout for MIME that's internally resolved somewhere else. If you could point me to a syntax file that's used for Verilog (or C or Perl or SV) I could give a go at trying to come up with something.

Gavin Bowlby
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