D17693: Add option to treat some chars also as "auto bracket" only when we have a selection

Christoph Cullmann noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Sun Jun 30 20:57:54 BST 2019

cullmann added a comment.

  I think I misunderstood the feature, sorry.
  I did now try the patch again (it didn't apply perfectly, but that was just a few lines of code to be moved in the katedocument.cpp patch. I tend to agree that until we have perhaps some proper config for that in syntax files, some presets and the ability for users to add own presets make sense.
  On can still later introduce some "syntax defined" enum value to query stuff from the syntax defintions.
  What I would change is the placement of the SetOfCharsToEncloseSelection enum, I think it is only needed in the dialog, or? I got partly confused by that as I thought it would be used to store the settings, but the settings are just stored as stringlist and the enum is only to make the UI aware of the presets, or?


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