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Christoph Cullmann christoph at cullmann.io
Mon Jun 24 13:32:10 BST 2019


On 2019-06-23 21:16, Mark Nauwelaerts wrote:
> Hi All,
> A while ago, I started to develop an LSP client plugin for kate. In my
> enthusiasm, I did not notice until recently that there was another
> approach at doing so (as mentioned here;
> https://cullmann.io/posts/kate-lsp-client-progress/). Consequently, my
> plugin's development is not related to the existing lsp branch and is
> also a separate plugin (not integrated into project plugin).  In
> particular, the LSP protocol code is plain-and-simple (and home-grown)
> but nevertheless effective and the plugin is already in fairly good
> shape (even if say so myself ;-) ).  It provides a symbol outline
> (like the SymbolViewer plugin), completion and goto definition, all of
> the former having been tested with clangd and python-language-server.
;=) Mine does close to nothing (beside goto definition sometimes) and
was only tested with clangd, that means this already sounds better than
my state.

> The plugin code can be found in a github mirror fork;
> https://github.com/mnauw/kate/tree/lspclient.  Although in reasonable
> shape, it is still a work-in-progress and quite volatile.  I hope and
> expect to work on it on a daily basis in the coming weeks, to polish
> and refine the existing code (for corner cases) and to add support for
> declaration, references, signatureHelp, diagnostics (and maybe some
> other low hanging fruit).  All going well, it should end up in good
> state by early September (crossing some fingers) ...  And when/if in
> good shape, I obviously hope it could head into Kate master :-)

I still need to look at the code and give it a try, but already now
a heads-up for working on this.

I will try it out, I have no bit attachment to my code (which is mostly 
copy of a lot of QtCreator stuff). If your approach works well and
you are up to work on in more in the future, I would have no issues
to take that one as the official thing for kate.git later on.

Greetings & Thanks for the work!

> Regards,
> Mark

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