D22067: Don't clear the session KConfing object too early

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Mon Jun 24 10:02:35 BST 2019

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  The session KConfig object was cleared in finishRestore(), which meant
  that for plugins that aren't loaded when we start loading the session,
  the sidebar position - and other toolview related - settings weren't
  restored for such plugins. A perfect example of this is the Projects
  plugin where the toolview for it is only shown if you open a file that
  belongs to a git/svn/mercury repo.
  BUG: 391715
  FIXED-IN: 19.08.0

  - Open a document in kate, that doesn't belong to a git/svn/mercury repo
  - Make sure the Projects plugin is enabled and "Git" is checked in that plugin config page; then open a document that belongs to a git repo, this causes the Projects toolview to show
  - Move the Projects plugin panel to the right side bar
  - Close that file then close kate
  - Start kate again but don't initially open a file that belongs to a git repo
  - Now open a file from a git repo, notice that the Projects panel is shown on the left sidebar, even though the previously saved position was on the right sidebar
  - Apply the diff then try again, the Projects panel should appear on the right sidebar

  R40 Kate

  plugin-sidebar-position (branched from master)



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