Kate regex engine type

Solaris@zoznam.sk solaris at zoznam.sk
Thu Jul 25 23:30:21 BST 2019

Hi Christoph, thanks a lot for clarification.

If I understand help docs right the QRegExp should be Unicode 
compatible. But it seems that dot does not match the unicode chars - is 
there please any switch in Kate for unicode mode on/off?

sample situation:
the regex:
the string:
item    tvcho položkáchoio zsdad

You can see the matching of the regex above with non-full-unicode 
support here (or directly in Kate; please ignore that in regex101.com 
the PCRE engine is selected - Kate regex behaves the same):

and here the matching with full-unicode (in PCRE it is achieved with 
switch "u" turned on):

I am looking, please, for something similar in Kate as the "u" switch is 
in PCRE.

Many thanks, with best regards, Peter+

On 23.7.2019 9:54, Christoph Cullmann wrote:
> On 2019-07-19 00:00, Solaris at zoznam.sk wrote:
>> Hi, can anyone tell me pls what regex engine Kate uses? I mean
>> something like "compatible with PCRE", or " ... Java Script
>> compatible", etc..
>> Thx, Peter+
> We use QRegExp at the moment for some things and port part for part to 
> the PCRE compatible QRegularExpression.
> Greetings
> Christoph

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