D22721: Clean up Kate addons CMake scripts.

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  In D22721#501682 <https://phabricator.kde.org/D22721#501682>, @daandemeyer wrote:
  > This may be a stupid question but is the `TRANSLATION_DOMAIN` stuff actually used somewhere? I'm not familiar with how it works. However, I find it strange that its not defined for kwrite and kate but is defined for all plugins.
  Short story: yes, it is used, silently by all the *i18n* calls which take this definition as first argument (hidden behind a macro that any *i18n* calls is). For kate & kwrite you do not see that, as there is a default catalog defined per application, and both kate & kwrite set that using `KLocalizedString::setApplicationDomain("fooapp");`.And for libs & plugins `TRANSLATION_DOMAIN` allows to overwrite the default catalog in that macro-magic ways in each translation look-up call.
  If you want to get more familiar, please see https://api.kde.org/frameworks/ki18n/html/prg_guide.html#link_cat


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