D22721: Clean up Kate addons CMake scripts.

Daan De Meyer noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Wed Jul 24 18:32:24 BST 2019

daandemeyer added inline comments.


> asturmlechner wrote in CMakeLists.txt:1
> It would be a good opportunity to keep them sorted.
> For maintainer to decide: Although I rather have optional dependencies be found all separately as it does not lead to `KF5` be set to not found if one of them is being disabled or not found (and other packages had build failures caused by that).

Doesn't the KF5 find module take care of that? I found this comment in its documentation:

> If all the required components (those given in the COMPONENTS argument, but not those given in the OPTIONAL_COMPONENTS argument) are found, ``KF5_FOUND``will be set to true. Otherwise, it will be set to false.

  R40 Kate


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