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Christoph Cullmann christoph at cullmann.io
Fri Jul 19 20:11:38 BST 2019


> I pushed a few more commits with minor fixes and some refinements on
> the diagnostics (jump list).  In particular, the list (selection)
> should now also sync to the view (position).  So switching to another
> view/document should scroll the relevant diagnostics into view, and
> when positioned on a line with diagnostics, then that diagnostic will
> be selected.  The latter is also (already previously) the case when
> clicking on the border-icon mark.


I would like to work a bit on the symbols views.

A colleague mentioned it would be nice to have a filter like for the 
view. To make this "easy" feasible, I would convert the QTreeWidget code 
to use
QTreeView and some model, perhaps even directly letting the LSPServer 
create a usable QStandardItemModel for the symbols information.

Would that be ok for you?

> Albeit with this minor detour/delay, next on to the preparation for
> handling document revisions, TextEdit, etc (or anything else that pops
> up in between .... ).
:=) Cool!


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