No plugins found when building kate from source

Daan De Meyer daan.j.demeyer at
Sun Jul 14 19:14:01 BST 2019

It seems the plugin search directory is hardcoded to /usr/lib/qt/plugins
and the installation directory of the executable (in my case
/usr/local/bin/kate). The plugins themselves are located at
/usr/local/lib/plugins so they are not found by the kde plugin loader as it
only searches in QCoreApplication::libraryPaths() which returns the earlier
mentioned directories.

The qt documentation lists as a way to
override these hardcoded paths so I changed the CMake config to add a
qt.conf file to the executable containing the install location of the
plugins. However, this causes kate to fail to start since the default
search path for qt plugins (/usr/lib/qt/plugins) is overwritten so default
qt plugins cannot be found anymore.

Another way to solve the problem is to add the required search paths when
starting kate. I can generate a custom settings file containing the plugin
installation directory with CMake and load it when starting kate but I
wanted to ask here first since I'd be very surprised if this problem hasn't
been encountered and solved by someone before me.



On Sun, 14 Jul 2019 at 17:17, Daan De Meyer <daan.j.demeyer at>

> Hi,
> I wanted to try out the lsp plugin but after building the kate github
> repository from source using cmake and installing to /usr/local the plugins
> page in kate's settings is completely empty. I didn't manage to find any
> documentation on how to fix this.
> When installing kate via the package manager the plugins page is not empty
> as expected.
> I'm on Arch Linux if that helps.
> Any suggestions?
> Regards,
> Daan De Meyer
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