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Christoph Cullmann christoph at cullmann.io
Sun Jul 14 15:30:20 BST 2019


> If files have "several identities" due to symlinks, then things might
> get confused indeed.
> I pushed some more commits that add support for diagnostics; a tab to
> display those as well as adding highlighting and marks (configurable
> in either case).  On that topic, I selected markType30 (and markType31
> for "references" and so on), not clear on if/how this is coordinated
> in some way, but looks like those are not yet in use elsewhere, so I
> picked those (for now at least) along with the predefined for Error,
> Warning.

We could take a look how KDevelop handles that and use the same mark 
like them (if they use marks for such things).

> Perhaps some of the presentation could be improved (also not on my
> best points ;-) ), but it should be ok-ish as it is ...  If enabled
> (by default), and the compilation database is not properly found,
> things might turn quite colorful real fast ;-)

I tried it, works nicely here.


I fixed a small issue in the path normalization, but that was broken in 
too ;=) A bug reporter showed some weird symlink/../../.. stuff.

> Along the way I noticed that a 'showToolView' call seems to move focus
> away (to where??) from the main (text) window if the toolview is not
> yet shown (otherwise focus stays on text).  The same happens when
> clicking around on one of the toolview tabs.  Perhaps that is
> intentional, but also a bit surprising when only showing a listing (in
> a toolview) that needs no focus, and have not found a way around that.

It will try to setFocus to the toolview.
If the toolview doesn't accept any focus, nothing will happen.
But normally the tool view should accept focus and allow e.g. selection 
an entry via the keyboard, like e.g. the documents toolview (and since
some fixes today the projects tree view).

> In next steps, I will probably tweak some configuration a bit,
> consider "document revision id" (as mentioned earlier) and use those
> in positions and dealing with TextEdit (as to be returned from e.g.
> (range)formatting commands and "fixit" commands).

Cool, keep the nifty features arriving .)


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