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Christoph Cullmann christoph at cullmann.io
Sat Jul 13 16:07:03 BST 2019


> For "Goto Declaration", this is actually "normal" and that also
> happens here.  That is because a (slightly older) clangd does not
> support that method, as reported in the (error) reply.  Unfortunately
> there is no (spec'ed) way to detect that client-side, which is why the
> action is still enabled.  So as long as "Goto Definition" and the
> others still work, then it is about as OK as it can be ...
> More generally, there will always be some cases where the server does
> not handle something in some way, and where it may feel that is due to
> kate/lspclient.  In this case it might be detected by the error reply
> but there are other cases as well.  For instance, the
> "includeDeclaration" (for Find References) is checkable, but neither
> clangd nor python-language-server consider that setting (when
> translated to protocol level), and so the result of "Find References"
> will be the same whether or not enabled ...  So no way at all to
> detect that, which is why I was considering disabling that
> configuration option, but then again other servers might properly
> support it (or also clangd in some time) ...
> The "Failed to find compilation database" part that clangd reports
> might also be a bit worrying here, but may or may not be relevant ...

For me the plugin didn't work with clangd because I did setup my 
stuff via symlinks and therefore the compilation database file names 
didn't match
the "canonical" file names Kate provided.

I changed my config to use the canonical file names for the 
kdesrc-buildrc and
since then this errors vanished.

Btw., I just tried the current state, very nice!

Find references is really useful!

Highlight with the jump list is nice, too.


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