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Christoph Cullmann christoph at cullmann.io
Sun Jul 7 12:57:13 BST 2019


> Thanks for the appreciation :-)
> I indeed intend to continue, and some more commits on server control
> and configuration are coming up soon.
> Following that, I plan to add another (bottom) toolview to display
> info on diagnostics, references, (multiple) definitions ...  Some
> highlight method calls are also related to that area, so may be
> considered along as well.  That's then heading in the direction of
> features proposed above, one step at a time ;-)

Nice, keep the stuff going ;=)

I was so free to implement a initial version of documentHighlight.

Seems to work reasonable well, just need a way to later clear the ranges 

I aliased

  * Language Server Protocol Position
  * line + column, 0 based, negative for invalid
  * maps 1:1 to KTextEditor::Cursor
using LSPPosition = KTextEditor::Cursor;

  * Language Server Protocol Range
  * start + end tuple of LSPPosition
  * maps 1:1 to KTextEditor::Range
using LSPRange = KTextEditor::Range;

as these types really map 1:1, even the semantics of "negative == 

This avoid the conversions and allows to use the convenience API of the 
we provide.

I hope this is ok?


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