D21713: Fortran: implement free & fixed formats

Arnaud Ruiz noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Tue Jul 2 21:18:45 BST 2019

nononux added a comment.

  Hi, thanks for the patch. I suggest additionnal changes to improve the syntax highlighting for Fortran fixed format.
  I write fixed format fortran at least once a week using Kate. I can confirm these modifications will be usefull at least for me ;)
  I tested the proposed changes on this file www.unige.ch/~hairer/prog/nonstiff/dop853.f (+ add some characters to test the comments highlighting after the 72th column).
  Unfortunately I don't see how to write the changes without regular expressions, but I've only low knowledge on syntax highlighting files.


> fortran-fixed.xml:375
>          <IncludeRules context="find_preprocessor" />
>          <IncludeRules context="find_comments" />
>          <IncludeRules context="find_symbols" />

I propose to add this (why below)

  <IncludeRules context="find_continue" />

> fortran-fixed.xml:408
>        <context attribute="Normal Text" lineEndContext="#stay" name="find_comments">
>          <AnyChar attribute="Comment" context="comment" String="cC*" column="0"/>
>        </context>

I propose to add theses lines:

  <DetectChar attribute="Comment" context="comment" char="!"/>
  <RegExpr attribute="Comment" context="comment" String=".*" column="72" />

1st line : The "!" can be used even in fixed format. It can be used at any place in the line to comment the end of the line
2nd line : The characters after the 72th column are ignored by the compiler. So it's easier for the user if they are marked as a comment.

ref : my everyday use of Fortran + https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E19957-01/805-4939/6j4m0vn6l/index.html

> fortran-fixed.xml:424
>        </context>
>  <!-- This context highlights items inside the parentesis of a function -->

I propose to add this (with the line above) :

  <!-- This context highlights the continuation character -->
        <context attribute="Normal Text" lineEndContext="#stay" name="find_continue">
          <RegExpr attribute="Continuation character" context="#stay" String="^     [^0-9\s]"/>

If the 5 firsts characters are blank and the 6th is not blank and not a number, this indicate a continuation character (usually "&" or "*").
It will be easier for the user to place the continuation character at the right column if it is coloured.

> fortran-fixed.xml:569
>        <itemData name="IO Function" defStyleNum="dsFunction" bold="0" italic="0"/>
>        <itemData name="Elemental Procedure" defStyleNum="dsBuiltIn" bold="1" italic="0"/>
>        <itemData name="Inquiry Function" defStyleNum="dsFunction" bold="1" italic="1"/>

To complete the above modification:

  <itemData name="Continuation character" defStyleNum="dsBuiltIn" bold="1" italic="0"/>

  R216 Syntax Highlighting


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