D22199: New plugin to open the selected file path

Dominik Haumann noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Tue Jul 2 11:59:06 BST 2019

dhaumann added inline comments.


> plugin_kateopenselection.cpp:91
> +    KTextEditor::View* editView = application->activeMainWindow()->activeView();
> +    if (editView && editView->document()) {
> +        QString selection;

A view always has a valid document, no need to check editView->document()

> plugin_kateopenselection.cpp:107
> +            const KTextEditor::Cursor &cursor = editView->cursorPosition();
> +            const QString &line = editView->document()->line(cursor.line());
> +            const int lineLength = line.size();

QString is implicitly shared. Please remove the '&' here.

> plugin_kateopenselection.cpp:112
> +                const int col = cursor.column();
> +                int start=col, end=col;
> +                // Stop at first white space or quote (for path with space, user should select the text)

In general: Please use spaces around operators and adhere to the standard KDE coding guidelines (also used in Kate everywhere else).

  R40 Kate


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