kate lsp client plugin

Christoph Cullmann christoph at cullmann.io
Mon Jul 1 18:57:06 BST 2019


>> I pushed some additional commits in the meantime to support some more
>> LSP features.  Some other tweaks in server management are pending, and
>> will next be looking into making some (server) configuration not so
>> hard-coded as it is now.  That will probably (at least for now) refer
>> to some (external) JSON, since the protocol ('initialize' settings)
>> are JSON anyway, and so are kate's project settings (which might later
>> provide additional/override settings), or compile_commands.json (so
>> plenty of that around already) ...
> Having the stuff configurable would already by great, JSON seems like a 
> natural
> choice given it's use everywhere in LSP.

I played a bit more with the plugin.

The Python stuff seems to work fine for the normal things out of the 
box, nice!

For C++, I think one issue is, that the baseDir of the project is used,
even for e.g. the CMake generated .kateproject files, were the 
compilation database
will be in the directory of the .kateproject file but not the base dir.


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