Create file on disk on new buffer creation

Kåre Särs kare.sars at
Thu Jan 24 06:51:27 GMT 2019

Hi José,

 On onsdag 23 januari 2019 kl. 23:18:53 EET José Tomás Atria wrote:
> Dear Kate developers,
> Thanks for your awesome text editor, it's the best I've found by far and I
> use it for everything from note taking to development in several languages.
> Love it.
That is nice to hear! :)

> I wanted to know if it would be possible or sensible to add an optional
> feature to backup every new buffer on a tmp file on disk in order to
> protect unsaved data from system crashes or even user carelessness. Is
> there a good reason not to add this as an option? I haven;t thought about
> the details, but anything that would allow me to save all buffers by
> default, even using a ring file, would be greatly appreciated.

By default there is a backup file created and updated every 15s if the file 
has been edited. When the file is saved this "backup" file is removed. The 
terminology used in the settings is "Swap file".  (The exception to this is a 
new still unsaved document.)

When you open the original file after a system/kate crash you get a question 
if you want to load the unsaved changes from the swap file.

There is also the an option to always create backups when saving a file. With 
this option enabled Kate will save the original data in the backup before 
writing the new data to the file.

These two option scan be found under:
 Settings->Configure Kate...->Open/save->Advanced


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