D18125: KateStatusBar: Add dictionary button

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  @cullmann @dhaumann A short not how to progress would be nice.
  - Keep codes as they are
  - Shorten codes as suggested
  - Replace codes by flags/ensign (no idea how)
  - Add (unneeded) label
  - Show (unneeded long) full name
  The latter two consume to much space for my taste and give only the very new user a benefit, once seen/clicked it's clear.
  Here a shot from an attempt to address some issues:
  - No "Preferred Dictionaries" header at the separator to not confuse when user has a non preferred dict in use (add dict to menu is todo)
  - Change order of entries with the intend to make more often used stuff accessible more easy (still experimental)
  - Removed "Spellcheck Selection...". I would like remove that from the main menu too and modify the normal "Spelling..." action to behave "smart" as many other actions
  F6551960: 1547653694.png <https://phabricator.kde.org/F6551960>


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