D18125: KateStatusBar: Add dictionary button

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Thu Jan 10 19:40:35 GMT 2019

loh.tar added a comment.

  I'm very much against such a label, and against the full name. 
  "UTF-8" has also no label and that's good. The only stuff where a description label is needed are these line/column/word hints. Without a label are you almost lost to know which is what.
  However, in some later change is planed to add a couple of options to customize the bar. So if someone insists on this label it will be then one option more. If
  Dominik's suggest is realized that the bar will become "smart to hide obsolete stuff when the space is scarce", I guess such a label will go as one of the first.
  As said, I like to shorten it even more and cut at least these "extra stuff".
  I have only a few dict installed, so any help is appreciated if there are other county codes possible than "xx_YY-zzzz". I like to modify it to prefer "YY" and fall back to "xx"
  - "en_GB-ize-w_accents" -> GB
  - "en-variant_0" -> en
  - "en" -> en
    qDebug() << Sonnet::Speller().availableLanguages();
    "de_AT", "de_BE", "de_CH", "de_DE", "de_LI", "de_LU", "en", "en-variant_0", 
    "en-variant_1", "en-variant_2", "en-w_accents", "en-wo_accents", "en_AU", 
    "en_AU-variant_0", "en_AU-variant_1", "en_AU-w_accents", "en_AU-wo_accents", 
    "en_CA", "en_CA-variant_0", "en_CA-variant_1", "en_CA-w_accents", 
    "en_CA-wo_accents", "en_GB", "en_GB-ise", "en_GB-ise-w_accents", 
    "en_GB-ise-wo_accents", "en_GB-ize", "en_GB-ize-w_accents", 
    "en_GB-ize-wo_accents", "en_GB-variant_0", "en_GB-variant_1", "en_GB-w_accents", 
    "en_GB-wo_accents", "en_PH", "en_US", "en_US-large", "en_US-variant_0", 
    "en_US-variant_1", "en_US-w_accents", "en_US-wo_accents", "he"


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