D17443: Kate: Keyboard shortcuts F6/Shift+F6 for Next/Previous Match

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  Um, can't find here a hint that this is try to follow some "defined standard", like CUA. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IBM_Common_User_Access
    "...all major Unix GUI environments/toolkits, whether or not based on the X 
    Window System, have featured varying levels of CUA compatibility.." 
    "The current major environments, GNOME and KDE, also feature extensive CUA 
  Web-search list some KDE docs for Krusader or Gwenview but so far no "master page".
  Particularly I ask me why the S&R plugin should use own shortcuts when there is F3/Shift-F3 already defined (at least here and there listed as Standard) I would prefer that the default short cuts always works, independent what was the initial search tool.
  But probably I once again misunderstood something :-)

  R40 Kate


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