D17308: Make CTags/Projects context menu more accessible

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Sun Jan 13 10:38:20 GMT 2019

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  I'm not entirely sure removing the feature of having the lookup word in the menu is an improvement, but I just noticed that the feature is broken and only works when a word is selected.
  If you think this is an improvement (with that one string fixed), I'm ok with this going in. I still mostly just use the shortcuts :)


> kate_ctags_view.cpp:66
>      QAction *lookup = actionCollection()->addAction(QLatin1String("ctags_lookup_current"));
> -    lookup->setText(i18n("Lookup Current Text"));
> +    lookup->setText(i18n("Look up Selected Text"));
>      connect(lookup, &QAction::triggered, this, &KateCTagsView::lookupTag);

This change is not entirely correct as you do not need to select any text. You can look up the word containing the text cursor. That is why it says "current" and not "selected" text.

I would suggest "Look Up Current Text"

  R40 Kate



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