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René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Thu Feb 28 09:29:56 GMT 2019


I'm having a gripe with KDevelop's code completion popup and after looking through the code I'm beginning to think that the actual popup is handled by KTextEditor, so I'm reposting a question here hoping it's a better place to ask.

Is there any way to avoid getting a wrong hit from the code completion popup, i.e. some unforeseen entry that gets inserted under the cursor *after* you hit the Enter key but before that keypress is processed? That happens way too often to me, sometimes the entire popup appears after my keypress just long enough to intercept and "pervert" my intentions and oblige me to go back and correct my text (sometimes multiple times because the issue keeps occurring). I've had to revert to manual triggering of the completion feature because of that.

Can we know when the list is complete and enable selection only from that moment, for instance? Or maybe better, define the key(s) that cause a code completion selection to be applied so it can less easily happen by accident?


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