Remove session tests (which allows removing kdeinit_kate as well)?

Daan De Meyer daan.j.demeyer at
Thu Aug 15 10:33:15 BST 2019


I've managed to remove all usages of the kdeinit_kate target in the
addons directory. It turned out there were no tests actually relying
on stuff from the kdeinit_kate target. Now the only targets remaining
that rely on the kdeinit_kate target are Kate's session tests which
are currently aborting with no one seemingly interested in fixing
them. My proposal would be to remove the session tests and the
kdeinit_kate target along with them (merging everything into the kate
target) which allows simplifying the CMake setup a lot.

One caveat is that removing the kdeinit_kate target would prevent
testing any other core Kate classes (those not in addons) in the
future but since most of Kate's testable features seem to be
implemented in addons this might not be a big disadvantage.

Any thoughts?



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