Updating ki18n_wrap_ui usages to work with targets

Christoph Cullmann christoph at cullmann.io
Wed Aug 7 08:24:53 BST 2019


On 2019-08-06 23:23, Alex Turbov wrote:
> Ugh, it sounds really disappointing to wait *half a year*!
> The whole way looks very over-conservative to me. I imagine if someone
> has a feature to ECM which must be adopted by N `kate`s
> dependencies...
> Then the feature can be used in N/2 *years*!!! REALLY??!!
> This turtle driven development could kill many good ideas %(
> Seriously, what the reasons not to depend on the latest versions of KF
> libs? As far as I know, framework libs released *before* KDE Plasma
> Apps. So, having the latest deps looks pretty normal way to get the
> latest features to me. What could be wrong w/ this approach?

we want that it is easy to contribute to our stuff.

It is already not that easy to build Kate & co. because we have plenty 
dependencies (e.g. see https://kate-editor.org/build-it/) but that will
be even harder if we start to require bleeding edge frameworks.
At least now, I can just build Kate with the distro packages for all

If we would lack some crucial feature due to too old dependencies, I 
no issue with increasing the needed versions.

But here we are talking about more or less cosmetic changes in the
build system that will not affect any user nor contributor.


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