D20606: Toggle folding of child ranges by right click

loh tar noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Wed Apr 17 16:50:21 BST 2019

loh.tar added a comment.

  hm, there is already a folding action in the View menu. 
  I understood Dominik so, not to add a context menu to the icon border, but to add the action to the context menu of the "edit range".
  Whatever, as said I'm not in the mood for that,  and it should be done in a 2nd patch, when needed.
  But a context menu on the icon border would I very much dislike. Middle click is not so handy and perform atm "paste to begin of line"


> kateviewhelpers.cpp:2484
> +    // Don't try to fold a single line, which can happens due to adjustment above'
> +    // FIXME Avoid to offer a such folding marker
> +    if (!foldingRange.onSingleLine()) {

oops, "to offer such a folding"


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