QtCreator-style block highlighting (and colours) in Kate(part)?

Dominik Haumann dhaumann at kde.org
Sun Oct 7 01:09:07 BST 2018

Hi René,

my take on this is rather simple: I don't directly see the value in this
feature, so investing a significant amount of time is out of scope. I
believe this is valid for other Kate developers as well, especially since
we have more important issues to solve (finish port to KSyntaxHighlighting
framework to use its Themes for instance). That said, it won't happen,
except if someone provides a (good/clean!) patch... :)

PS: the better place for this discussion is kwrite-devel at kde.org.

Best regards

René J. V. Bertin <rjvbertin at gmail.com> schrieb am Sa., 6. Okt. 2018, 05:15:

> Dominik Haumann wrote:
> > No and no :)
> > But feel free to create/add a color scheme called Qt Creator.
> Not exactly the answer I was hoping for (though I kind of expected it ...)
> I *could* create a colour scheme if I had no other monk's tasks lying
> around
> (there are a *lot* of colours in the Creator scheme which would have to be
> mapped correctly). Implementing the distance-based backlighting feature is
> probably out of my league though. How much chance would it stand as a
> feature
> request?
> R.
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