D16668: Remove document preview plugin: current technology harms workflow

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Sun Nov 11 19:05:09 GMT 2018

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  In D16668#358000 <https://phabricator.kde.org/D16668#358000>, @gregormi wrote:
  > You said the plugin as it is now, has no future. But the shortcut issue could be solved by removing all shortcut settings from the plugin, couldn't it?
  The shortcuts are coming from the KParts plugins, not from the preview plugin itself. And removing the shortcuts from the respetive KParts plugins is not something that would be favoured by people, given those plugins are also used in other places where the key shortcuts are very wanted (because there the KParts plugins are used for the main document view). So IMHO not really a solution to explore more.
  > Yes, changing the order in "File Associations -> text/markdown -> Embedded" works - thanks for this hint - I didn't know that this setting exist! But nothing to fix for you, then ;-)
  Good. Preferred outcome :)

  R40 Kate


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