D14408: SymbolView: Avoid unneeded update of current item

loh tar noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Fri Jul 27 10:07:06 BST 2018

loh.tar added a comment.

  It reads for me only like , "The CPU waste does not matter."
  I'm very disappointed in this analysis.
  No word why this patch make more problems than it solves. Your argument, "it take only 1ms", is probably true, but why then not remove the delay timer completely?
  You see, it's always good practice to save resources.
  The caching of the first&last line is the trick where I be especially "proud of". It cost almost nothing and save so much with absolutely no drawback.
  Without this patch I noticed 5% CPU consumption only with moving the cursor, with this patch I see almost no amplitude.
  Regarding the timer settings, that may be debatable but also a good source of dispute. I have played around with that and found, so I think, a good compromise.

  R40 Kate


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