[PATCH 0/8] SymbolView: Be a little smarter and avoid cpu last

loh.tar loh.tar at googlemail.com
Mon Jul 23 11:21:44 BST 2018

Sorry that my reply to Christoph goes to the wrong place.
Copy&Paste of the reply link to mutt seams not to work properly. 
Now I try it with a change of some & to ? and a little edit, but the mutt doc is
a bit confusing, sorry in advance if it goes wrong again.

Yes, of cause, I should simply join this list.

Thanks Dominik for your invitation/motivation. 

I'm not sure to take the challenge to improve the code by it's logic, but when 
I would start with a whole reformat and perhaps some search&replace. If you 
like I can do it independent to some further codings.

So any advice to that? 

I would reformat with astyle as noted here

For search&replace I have now no concrete example but that may affect 
naming of variables, functions and perhaps the whole plugin name.

Above link says...
> Each new word in a variable name starts with a capital letter (so-called 
> camelCase)

...which is what I like but there are some member variable (re)named to m_foo 
(see d8c8c47723) which is not noted in above link and I dislike. I would rename 
these to mFoo but perhaps is m_foo the way a member variable has to be named by 
some rule.

To the plugin name "Symbol View" I have no image, no clue why it is named this 
way, but maybe can someone give me a hint.

"Structure View" or shorter "Structure" would make more sense. The caption on 
the tab can change e.g. to "Parts" when the current view mode change from tree 
to list.

Last thought: Is the whole concept of the current parsing perhaps bad? I'm not 
sure but exist there not smart ways in syntax highlighting? It's only a gut 
feeling that this is very similar to the needs here.

As noted in the wrong placed reply to Christoph, needs these home page a review.
Not only https://kate-editor.org/build-it/ but /join-us/ too.
The link there to the coding style is e.g. outdated and there is again the 
invitation to send patches to his list.

(No, I will not report this at some other place again if you like to suggest 

Greetings, Lothar

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