D13826: Support activities when opening files

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sscalabrino added a comment.

  In D13826#289245 <https://phabricator.kde.org/D13826#289245>, @cullmann wrote:
  > Think that is ok, if the given comments are implemented.
  > An alternative approach for the API would btw. to have just a function that tells you "I am on activity X", then one doesn't need to send stringlists around and check for contains.
  Thanks for the comment. The problem is that it is possible that the window is on more than a single activity (e.g., there are three activities, A, B and C, and a single Kate instance is in both A and C at the same time), that's why I used a StringList. Indeed, I implemented that as you suggested at the beginning, but then I noticed this problem. Also, the check is done only when the user opens a new file, and the list of activities should not be that long. In general, I think that the overhead is acceptable, and it allows us to have a complete support for activities.
  Anyways, I will implement all your comments ASAP and I will update the patch.
  Thanks for the review.

  R40 Kate


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