Running self-built kate on ubuntu

Tim Passingham tim at
Tue Jan 23 11:03:40 UTC 2018


I have recently built kate (on ubuntu 17.10) as per the excellent 
instructions at .  I have, however, 
fallen at the last hurdle, i.e. running it, due to having limited linux 

The instructions say "Now you can run the compiled Kate version from you 
shell via|kate|after sourcing this script via|. ~/kde/|."

I don't understand what this means.  What does 'sourcing this script' 
mean? I have run the script, but typing kate (or Kate) in a 
terminal does not run it.    Do I have to run the script every 
time, or just once?  What exactly does 'run...from you shell via kate' mean?

If I go to ~/kde/usr/bin in a terminal I can run kate there directly, 
but I really want to run it from the gui with a .desktop file.  I can 
see the desktop in ~/kde/usr/share/applications but it doesn't appear in 
my application list on ubuntu.

With apologies for ignorance, but hoping for some help in a reply or CC 
to this email.


Tim Passingham

email:    tim at

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