kate depends on libvlccore8

Tim Passingham tim at tim-passingham.co.uk
Mon Jan 22 18:00:15 UTC 2018


I have used kate for editing xml documents for some years on ubuntu.  
It's excellent.  I'm on ubuntu 17.10, kate 4:17.04.3-0ubuntu1.

I recently installed the latest development version of vlc, version  
4.0.  It installs libvlccore9 (after getting itself into something of a 

Installing this removed kate.  After a fair bit of work I managed to 
install _all_ of kate's dependencies so that only kate and one other 
library need to be installed.  This extra library is libvlccore8.  
However, I can't install libvlccore8 when libvlccore9 is installed.

Clearly I could downgrade my vlc and restore kate, but in time will need 
to move forwards again with vlc.

So the question is why does kate require a vlc library at all? It seems 
rather strange.

Hoping you can give me some advice or clue how to overcome this, even if 
it is just adding some links to make it look like libvlccore8 is installed.


Tim Passingham

email:    tim at tim-passingham.co.uk

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