Search&Replace: split into two plugins and use it instead of the "normal" search ?

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at
Wed Feb 28 22:42:00 UTC 2018


the search & replace plugin supports searching in the current file (and in all 
open files), and it supports searching in files (and projects).
Additionally, there is the "normal" search in kate in the current document.
This search jumps from one search match to the next and cycles through them. 
It currently doesn't display how often the search term was found.

The search&replace plugin on the other hand searches "live" in the current 
document, you immediately see how often the search term was found, and it 
lists all the matches in a list and you can jump between them.
I would prefer if this would be the default search in kate.

Additionally, as said before, it supports searching in files.
In that mode, personally I don't like the feature that it searches live while 
typing in the currently open file (I often want to search in a different 
directory, so searching in the current file is usually useless for me).

So, how about splitting it into two plugins ?
One which supports only searching in the current file and in all open files 
(which would then be just a checkbox instead of a combobox), and which could 
be used instead of the normal search.

And another one which supports searching in Folders and projects, without the 
search-while-typing feature.

Comments ?


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