Search&Replace: hide results-tab when adding a new search ?

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at
Wed Feb 28 22:22:35 UTC 2018


when adding a new tab in the Search&Replace plugin, the result-tab is made 
visible, which hides the search options.
I would prefer if the search options would be made visible instead of the 
(empty) results tab since (at least I) the user then basically always needs to 
either enter the search term or adjust the search options.

What do you think ?

Some more thoughts...
I think actually I would prefer if not the results widget was in a tabwidget, 
but the whole search-options and results widget would be in tabs.
Then it would be more obvious that the options and the results belong 
together, and e.g. also the different tabs would be always visible (and the 
user could always switch between them). Right now the different tabs are not 
visible when modifying the search options.
So right now, if you are modifying the search options and want to check what 
the options were in a previous search, you first have to hide the search 
options, then click on the desired tab, then show the search options again, 
look at them, hide again, change tab, show search options.

Comments ?


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