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Subject: Re: D7864: Basic support for PHP and Python fenced code blocks in Markdown

On Sunday, February 25, 2018 04:25:00 AM Volker Krause wrote:
>   - when nesting a language you need to implement detecting the end of that
> code manually each time - you need to explicitly list all languages you
> want to nest, one by one
>   The latter is ok if there is a limited amount of languages that can be
> nested in this context, but in case of markdown it's in theory every
> language we have. So a rule like `<NestLanguage syntax="<name or regexp
> capture>" end="<string|regexp>"/>` to do all the repeating work inside the
> engine might be interesting. We'd need to survey all current usages of
> nesting to see if that covers enough use-cases though, I haven't done that
> yet.

Thanks--I like that idea.  (But I'm working on a lexer for Scintilla and may
incorporate the idea there (sometime after I get the basic lexer working,
which has been going very slow).  (The markup language (that the lexer will
lex and fold) is TWiki markup with some extensions / variations.)
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