D14890: Remove QSaveFile in favor of plain old file saving

David Faure noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Sat Aug 18 11:01:20 BST 2018

dfaure added a comment.

  Yeah that's the problem.
  The way I see it, the QIODevice API assumes that one will call errorString() only after some method returns an error, e.g. after QAbstractSocket::error() is emitted, or after socket.waitForEncrypted() returns false.
  QFile[Device] and QAbstractSocket add their own errorcode enums on top of that, but that's not part of the base QIODevice API, which is all we have in KCompressionDevice.
  Ideally QIODevice::close() would return a bool, and I'm more and more thinking that this should be done for Qt 6.
  But pending that, I'm afraid that we'll have to downcast to KCompressionDevice to call a new error() accessor after close()...

  R39 KTextEditor


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