D14826: inline note interface wip #2

Sven Brauch noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Tue Aug 14 15:12:13 BST 2018

brauch added a comment.

  Thanks for the feedback! I will try doing a few more things with this interace and then maybe discuss again with the other kate people here at Akademy about which one they like better.
  About the tracking, I don't think anything is needed on the side of the interface. You can see how you can potentially do it in the KDevelop patch I attached: create a moving cursor for the location you want the note to track, and then compute the note's position from the moving cursor's position as needed in the getter each time.
  I think this is even better than doing it in the interface itself, since it is more flexible with regards to how exactly the moving cursor behaves.
  Regarding the QVarLengthArray, performance-wise it would be better, but it makes the public API ugly (QVarLengthArray is a relatively internal, hacky class which is supposed to be only used in special cases), so I think we should first profile whether this is a bottleneck in any possible use case (it probably isn't).
  Currently, I'm trying out whether we can add some simple interaction ("note clicked") as well already, since I think that would be nice long-term. If the API is nice, we can fix small uglyness like the cursor navigation around notes at any later time IMHO.

  R39 KTextEditor


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