D14659: SymbolView: Save view settings individual for each parser

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Mon Aug 13 16:35:06 BST 2018

loh.tar added a comment.

  > I would still would want to integrate get your Normal parser as a Markdown parser if you are OK with that.
  Feel free to do as you like.
  But consider that I intend to offer in a couple of days/weeks my own version of your plugin to the attention of Kate developers. These will have a "Normal" and a "Markdown" parser besides of a couple of other modifications.
  The probability that this is unchanged accepted is of cause not very large. And my willingness to follow some modification request is pretty limited when it sounds for me incomprehensible or overwhelmed my abilities.
  So, in the near future I must make a decision where to host my plugin. Any suggestions? Is there a place below KDE where I can upload it which give the Kate developers some benefit but I have still full control?
  In case of a refusal I like to make it available to the public as independent compilable addon, so that new home of my plugin must offer this possibility.
  Regards, Lothar

  R40 Kate


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