KSyntaxHighlighting meta data

Dr.-Ing. Christoph Cullmann cullmann at absint.com
Thu Aug 2 11:20:58 BST 2018


<I cut out the old mail, too long ;=)>

I think having accessors for things one really needs will make sense.

I already discovered yesterday evening we have some "indenter" and "style" accessors,
that works now again.

The same is there to get e.g. indentationBasedFolding/emptyLines/...

I don't think exposing some highlighting internals like keyword list (by name or all) is that
bad, given we can't change that anyways without breaking all highlighting files around on the world.

And having an API at least avoids the hassle of reparsing the XML stuff, which really is not what one wants.

I think one needs to expose some more internals for other things KTextEditor requires, like getting
the current active context to lookup the keywords active for it.

(I don't think we need to expose the context, but one will need to expose at least things like: keywords for current
position, in which syntax definition we are here, ...)


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