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Gerald Senarclens de Grancy gerald at
Wed Sep 27 10:48:18 UTC 2017

am using KDE neon user edition w/ daily updates and recently noticed that
the Python indenter behaves strangely (I suppose since the August update).
Finally got around to having a look but to no avail. Pulled kde:ktexteditor
and had a look at src/script/data/indentation/python.js - but the last
commit happend in 2015. A little test showed that the indenter is currently
triggerd on additonal characters (not just \n):
The variable triggerCharacters is not defined in the python indenter.
Any clues what has changed here?

Related question: I was trying to locate the python.js indenter of my local
installation. However
/ >find -name python.js 2>&1 | grep -v Permission
returned only the following 4 results:


of which 2 are ipython notebook related, one is the freshly pulled repo and
one is a kde4 resource which is not used.

>apt show kate
Version: 4:17.08.1-0neon+16.04+xenial+build43

>apt show ktexteditor-katepart
Version: 5.38.0-0neon+16.04+xenial+build41

Neither of the above or their required packages contains the indentation
files when checking with dpkg -L.

Any hints on where the actually used python indenter resides / why
indentation still mostly works are welcome.
Thanks, g

Gerald Senarclens de Grancy
Open minds on open source!
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