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Sat Oct 21 06:13:00 UTC 2017

I got hit by this on fedora 26, fixed when I downgraded back to;

kf5-attica.x86_64                       5.35.0-1.fc26           @fedora

kf5-filesystem.x86_64                   5.35.0-1.fc26           @fedora

kf5-kactivities-libs.x86_64             5.35.0-1.fc26           @fedora

kf5-karchive.x86_64                     5.35.0-1.fc26           @fedora

kf5-kauth.x86_64                        5.35.0-1.fc26           @fedora

kf5-kbookmarks.x86_64                   5.35.0-1.fc26           @fedora

kf5-kcmutils.x86_64                     5.35.0-1.fc26           @fedora

kf5-kcodecs.x86_64                      5.35.0-1.fc26           @fedora

kf5-kcompletion.x86_64                  5.35.0-1.fc26           @fedora

kf5-kconfig-core.x86_64                 5.35.0-1.fc26           @fedora

kf5-kconfig-gui.x86_64                  5.35.0-1.fc26           @fedora

kf5-kconfigwidgets.x86_64               5.35.0-1.fc26           @fedora

kf5-kcoreaddons.x86_64                  5.35.0-1.fc26           @fedora

kf5-kcrash.x86_64                       5.35.0-1.fc26           @fedora

kf5-kdbusaddons.x86_64                  5.35.0-1.fc26           @fedora

kf5-kdeclarative.x86_64                 5.35.0-1.fc26           @fedora

kf5-kdesu.x86_64                        5.35.0-1.fc26           @fedora

kf5-kdoctools.x86_64                    5.35.0-1.fc26           @fedora

kf5-kfilemetadata.x86_64                5.35.0-2.fc26           @fedora

kf5-kglobalaccel.x86_64                 5.35.0-1.fc26           @fedora

kf5-kglobalaccel-libs.x86_64            5.35.0-1.fc26           @fedora

kf5-kguiaddons.x86_64                   5.35.0-1.fc26           @fedora

kf5-ki18n.x86_64                        5.35.0-1.fc26           @fedora

kf5-kiconthemes.x86_64                  5.35.0-1.fc26           @fedora

kf5-kinit.x86_64                        5.35.0-1.fc26           @fedora

kf5-kio-core.x86_64                     5.35.0-1.fc26           @fedora

kf5-kio-core-libs.x86_64                5.35.0-1.fc26           @fedora

kf5-kio-doc.noarch                      5.35.0-1.fc26           @fedora

kf5-kio-file-widgets.x86_64             5.35.0-1.fc26           @fedora

kf5-kio-ntlm.x86_64                     5.35.0-1.fc26           @fedora

kf5-kio-widgets.x86_64                  5.35.0-1.fc26           @fedora

kf5-kio-widgets-libs.x86_64             5.35.0-1.fc26           @fedora

kf5-kitemmodels.x86_64                  5.35.0-1.fc26           @fedora

kf5-kitemviews.x86_64                   5.35.0-1.fc26           @fedora

kf5-kjobwidgets.x86_64                  5.35.0-1.fc26           @fedora

kf5-knewstuff.x86_64                    5.35.0-1.fc26           @fedora

kf5-knotifications.x86_64               5.35.0-1.fc26           @fedora

kf5-knotifyconfig.x86_64                5.35.0-1.fc26           @fedora

kf5-kpackage.x86_64                     5.35.0-1.fc26           @fedora

kf5-kparts.x86_64                       5.35.0-1.fc26           @fedora

kf5-kpty.x86_64                         5.35.0-1.fc26           @fedora

kf5-kservice.x86_64                     5.35.0-1.fc26           @fedora

kf5-ktexteditor.x86_64                  5.35.0-1.fc26           @fedora

kf5-ktextwidgets.x86_64                 5.35.0-1.fc26           @fedora

kf5-kwallet.x86_64                      5.35.0-1.fc26           @fedora

kf5-kwallet-libs.x86_64                 5.35.0-1.fc26           @fedora

kf5-kwayland.x86_64                     5.35.0-1.fc26           @fedora

kf5-kwidgetsaddons.x86_64               5.35.0-1.fc26           @fedora

kf5-kwindowsystem.x86_64                5.35.0-1.fc26           @fedora

kf5-kxmlgui.x86_64                      5.35.0-1.fc26           @fedora

kf5-libkcddb.x86_64                     17.04.1-1.fc26
kf5-libkcddb-doc.noarch                 17.04.1-1.fc26
kf5-plasma.x86_64                       5.35.0-1.fc26           @fedora

kf5-solid.x86_64                        5.35.0-1.fc26           @fedora

kf5-solid-libs.x86_64                   5.35.0-1.fc26           @fedora

kf5-sonnet-core.x86_64                  5.35.0-1.fc26           @fedora

kf5-sonnet-ui.x86_64                    5.35.0-1.fc26           @fedora

kf5-syntax-highlighting.x86_64          5.35.0-1.fc26           @fedora

kf5-threadweaver.x86_64                 5.35.0-1.fc26           @fedora


On 2017-10-21 01:24 AM, Kevin wrote:
> I am running Fedora 26, completely up to date.
> kdelibs-ktexteditor.x86_64           6:4.14.32-1.fc26             
> kf5-ktexteditor.x86_64               5.38.0-1.fc26 
> BTW: I switched to KWrite to try and avoid these crashes but it crashes as 
> well. No hard stats, but perhaps less often.
> Cheers,
> Kevin
> On Saturday, 21 October 2017 3:15:40 PM AEST Sven Brauch wrote:
>> What operating system? What is the version of ktexteditor? Did you
>> update anything recently?
>> On 21/10/17 03:02, Kevin wrote:
>>> libkate.x86_64                       0.4.1-9.fc26
>> I think that one is unrelated ;)
>> Greetings,
>> Sven

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