Prolog Highlighting in Kate

Dominik Haumann dhaumann at
Tue Dec 5 18:31:28 UTC 2017

Hi Torsten,

the current version of prolog.xml contains many keyword lists that are unused:
- "directives non-ISO"
- "list+is_list non-ISO"
- "streams deprecated"
- "lists ISO"
- "lists non-ISO"
- "terms non-ISO"
- "listing non-ISO"

Current version see:

Since we try to avoid "dead code" also in our xml files, is it safe to
simply delete these? Or do you plan to extend the highlighting file to
use these keyword lists? If so, a patch would be nice.

Besides that, we would like to relicense the highlighting file from
LGPLv2+ to MIT license. Do you agree with this change?

Thanks & Greetings

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