[Kstars-devel] Android build, Asteroids and Comets and clipping in KStars Lite

Artem Fedoskin afedoskin3 at gmail.com
Tue May 17 17:20:42 UTC 2016

Dear developers of KStars,

After a 2 days delay (I planned to commit on Saturday) I finally pushed
what I've done during the past week to gsoc2016-kstarslite branch. What you
will find in these series of commits:

   1. Moved Projection enum from SkyMap to Projector. Introduced RootNode
   class that handles texture generation and caching as well as node
   clipping. It was pretty interesting to implement clipping and I will
   explain it in my blog post.
   2. After Jasem got rid of KIO in the most classes I was able to compile
   KStars for Android. Except for a few classes, I left only those that
   KStars Lite uses. QML files are now installed and used from platforms
   application data directory. Works well on desktop but on Android shows
   black screen (probably QML files can't be loaded. Need to investigate
   this further)
   3. Added support for asteroids and comets. QtQuick Scene Graph shows
   good performance even if I turn off all mag limitations and zoom level
   checks but it will be much interesting to see Android performance. Also
   changed structure of nodes.

I will post detailed report of what I've done tomorrow in my blog. My plan
now is to finish Android build (I will post instructions on how to build in
blog), change few minor things and port planet moons. After that I plan to
dive into porting Equatorial and Horizontal coordinate systems to SkyMapLite

Regards, Artem
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