[EXTERNAL] Adding Filters to 64bit Version of Kst

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Hi all,

A sidebar question on kst compilation:  about one year ago I abandoned my attempts to compile kst for Windows - as Nicholas and Tormod indicated the build is problematic (emails below).  I was just curious if there have been any changes and whether I might have more success if I tried again.

Still loving kst regardless,


Hi Nicolas,

SF access (or someone uploads the package for me there) would be a step forward. I also have some patches that should go into the git repository afterwards. If I understand correctly, the main repo is at kde.org, and there is a github mirror (mostly to get the CI builds).

Actually I wonder if it is manually synced since it is currently a bit behind. So, I could either

1) get a developer account on kde.org and commit directly. Not sure how easy it is to get such an account.

2) send you patches (are you familiar with "git am"?)

3) push patches to a fork on github, and you fetch and apply them to kde.org (are you familiar with multiple git remotes?)



On Wed, Mar 18, 2020 at 5:32 PM BRISSET, Nicolas <nicolas.brisset at airbus.com<mailto:nicolas.brisset at airbus.com>> wrote:


> Hi Tormod,


> Sorry for the long time without answer, but I first wanted to try a couple of things. In the end, I was not able (yet) to remember my sourceforge password but I'm nicodev and I should be able to do something to grant you access. However, I don't fully understand the automatic builds and in particular the travis part to build for Windows. It seems it is clear(er) to you, so if you think sf access is all you need, I'll try to sort this out for you.


> Nicolas


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> Hi all,


> The travis CI setup for kst on github is meant to generate fresh Windows builds whenever there is a new commit. However, at the moment it is broken, and the latest build is around 13 months old and probably misses later e.g. HDF5 fixes. The build problem is due to outdated 3rdparty (getdata) library packages that are downloaded as part of the build. I sorted this out, generated newer libraries, and by some curious CI setup artifact I am responsible for that last Windows binary. However to fix it properly for the project setup, my (or another updated) package needs to be uploaded to the sourceforge project and some other fixes can be applied to the build scripts. I was in contact with Barth at the time, he was not so familiar with git so my patches were only partly applied by manual regeneration, and my package was not uploaded, although I tried to give precise instructions. I didn't hear from him again, he might have moved on or lost interest or gone missing in action for other reasons.


> I would love to help out on this. The easiest is if you trust me access to the sourceforge project. I think either bnetterfield, nicodev, or syntheticpp can grant this access, or they can themselves upload my package, or generate it on their own. I am not at all well versed in kst internals but I know sourceforge and git well, and some build infrastructures.


> I fully understand not having time to maintain a project in your spare time. I am myself guilty of badly (or at least way too slowly) maintaining a number of spare-time open-source projects. In the case of kst we are relying on it at work so I can easier justify spending some time on it. I also understand reluctance to letting in other people who doesn't know the project as well as you do yourself, but it would be sad to let the project die out when there are people willing to help.


> Best regards,

> Tormod
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These additional filters depend on the gsl library. They are compiled only if gsl is available, which is the case only for 32 bit builds provided by kst itself (unfortunately...).
However you may have more luck with distro-provided builds, if they compile with gsl then you'll get all filters.
Another option would be to compile Kst from the sources, if gsl-devel is installed then you'll get a full build.
Maye it would also be interesting to provide an AppImage / Flatpak package, it seems to be the trend. If someone feels up to it, I can support for the compilation itself but I've never prepared any and I don't know how complicated it is.


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Hi Alper,

I checked the Band Pass Filter dialog box on my 2017 32 bit kst on Ubuntu and it too had a slight layout issue, but I resized the window and it was fine.


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I have just started to use Kst for data analysis and I liked the software very much. So first, many thanks to you for Kst, it makes my work easier, it is really fast and easy to use.

I watched Kst tutorials and at Tutorial #4, I saw different types of filter which my Kst does not have (my version is 64bit, Kst-2.0.x-2015.10.26-21.11). Below you can see which filter types that I have, but in tutorial, there were low-pass, band pass etc.

[cid:image001.png at 01D70E73.A78220B0]

On download page, it is stated that 64bit version doesn't have additional pluggins but 32bit version has. To use other types of filter, I downloaded 32bit version. But when I open 32bit version of Kst, some of the options are not fitted to its window. Below you can see the problem:

[cid:image002.png at 01D70E73.A78220B0]

It seems that running 32bit version may cause some view problem but 64bit doesn't.

So I tried to copy plugins (dll files) from 32bit to 64bit directory but it doesn't work, 64bit version still don't have 3rd party filters.

Could you help me about this problem and Show me where can I find additional plugins for 64bit and how to install? Many thanks.

Best regards,

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