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I think this is a plugin I wrote a few years back while I was working on pilot workload evaluations. It was inspired by a paper (probably https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/154193120504900115) and used in a project called DIMSS as far as I can remember. It turned out to work quite well. I even presented a paper at the American Helicopter Society Forum in 2005 (yes, that is a while back!) with some real-world figures.

The driving idea is to compute the workload as the product of average control amplitude x number of movement reversals over a sliding window. In case the pilot makes lots of fine adjustments, the result is small because of the limited amplitude even if there are many reversals, but it is not indicative of a high workload. Conversely, in case there are large amplitude movements (eg to perform tactical flight of change the flight regime) without reversals, the product will still be low due to the small number of reversals. However, in situations like pilot-induced oscillations - or more politically correct aircraft-pilot coupling – there you will see a significant increase of the metric.

The Kst plugin is just an implementation of this metric. I hope that answers the question!

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Dear kde,

I have a question. What is the function of "Activity Level" plugin in the kst plot software?
I would be very grateful if you could send me some information about "Activity Level" plugin and its formula.

I looked kst Handbook, but i couldn't find any information for this plugin.

Thank you & best regards.

Farzad Jani
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